Over 100 shogi enthusiasts gather to become the biggest shogi tournament overseas.

The European Shogi Championship (ESC) and World Open Shogi Championship (WOSC) were held in Strasbourg, France.

The tournament spans four days, with team battles and Blitz on the first day, and main games on days two through four.

The ESC has been held since 1985, and the WOSC since 2000. It is the biggest tournament and also the biggest shogi event.
Professional shogi players from Japan also participated, and activities such as instructional games and promotional activities such as how to move pieces for beginners were also carried out.

In addition, after the game, there will be an impression match, and there will also be a drinking party that also serves as an exchange, making it a fun event.

The new european champion is Starykevich Anton (BY), vice champion is Thomas Leiter (DE) and Maxim Shaporov gets the third place.

2024 will be held in Barcelona, Spain
If you are interested, why don’t you participate?

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