The 18th Italian Shōgi Championship, promoted by the Italian Shōgi Association and sponsored by the Japanese Consulate General in Milan and the Japanese Cultural Institute in Rome, ended on 15 May.

Held in the historical venue of the ‘Casa dei Giochi’ in Milan, the Championships saw Italian and foreign competitors (England, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus) specially flock to Milan to compete, thus confirming that the Italian Shōgi Championship is not only the pivotal event of Italian shogistic activity but also a key appointment for European shogists.

The sixteen participants battled it out in six rounds of 40 minutes + 30 seconds of byoyomi per player, a tight rotation then but one that was tackled by the contestants with preparation and resilience.

General classification:

1. Zakrzheuski Uladzi 6/6

2. Green Michael 5/6

3. Rodyn Dmytro 4/6

4. Cervi Luca 4/6

5. Adaszewski Grzegor 3/6

6. Calemi Francesco 3/6

7. Gennaro Giuseppe 3/6

8. Baggio Giuseppe 3/5

9. Fava Lorenzo 3/6

10. Maleknia Alex 2/6

11. Argiolas Federico 2/6

12. Taldo Ivano 1/1

13. Antonel Giovanni 1/5

14. Filighera Luca 1/4

15. Brunato Andrea 1/4

16. Marchello Andrea 1/4

The general classification sees 4th Dan Uladzi Zakrzheuski (Belarus) at the top, followed by 1st Kyu Michael Green (England), and 1st Dan Dmytro Rodyn (Ukraine), who in a textbook finish, when he was one step away from victory, had his second place snatched away by a move out of time. Also deserving of special mention is Grzegor Adaszewski (Poland), who finished 5th overall, giving an excellent demonstration of technical preparation:

As for the title of Italian champion, first place on the podium goes to Luca Cervi (Milan), who thus becomes the Italian Champion of Shōgi 2022; second place goes to Francesco Calemi (Perugia) and third place to Giuseppe Gennaro (Treviso). 

Education to sporting spirit, respect for the opponent, development of strategic skills, correct management of emotionality: these are some of the values that shōgi, as a discipline and mental sport, conveys and the hope is that the culture of shōgi can continue to spread in Italy and Europe. From this point of view, the Italian Shōgi Championship, now in its eighteenth edition, has confirmed itself as an extraordinary means of promoting educational values and sharing shōgi passion.

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