With Christmas just around the corner, the end of this year is drawing near: an auspicious time for new good intentions but also a privileged time to take a retrospective look at what AIS has done for shogi in Italy this year.









In the course of one year, that is since December 2020, we have organized four online tournaments dedicated to Italian players, having a growing success in terms of registrations, and making shogi known to more and more people.

Moreover, we then set up a weekly appointment on our multifunction channel Discord, designed and organized as an ideal meeting point for Italian shogists: in its virtual rooms (and especially in the izakaya!) we met to play, to comment on the games of our players or simply to chat while listening to good music.

We then launched the monthly blitz arena, a fun baptism of fire for every AIS player. In the meantime, our Telegram group has grown steadily, reaching almost 100 members, and thanks to it we have met Japanese shogisti friends, with whom we have exchanged ideas, views and crossed swords in our Italy-Japan tournament.

At the same time, the AIS YouTube channel, created in April 2021, was enriched with content containing more than 25 quality videos.

Not to mention the site on which you are reading this contribution: the first article of our new site was published on July 12, 2021 and since then, in just 5 months, 1166 users from all over the world have visited our pages totaling the beauty of 4876 views.

The AIS would like to thank, one by one, the 1166 visitors of its website, the 100 subscribers of the Telegram channel, the 768 visitors of the YouTube channel, everyone who participated in its tournaments and blitzes or simply had a chat with us on Discord. And, in addition to this, the AIS makes you a promise: we will soon return to play in presence and we will have the opportunity to meet in person, resuming a discourse that was stopped in 2019, the year in which the XVI Italian Open Shogi Championship was held in Milan.

But let me add another point: all of the above data not only speak of the fact that AIS is undoubtedly the largest and most inclusive shogi community in Italy, but they also testify to the passion and commitment of the people who are part of it and who have made this possible by collaborating, participating in social life, discussing on the Telegram group or simply playing games with us. With you who have supported us by believing in our project, we want to take another small-big step forward by launching the membership campaign 2022, with which the AIS will be able to promote more and more effectively shogi in Italy. Because, beyond any number, the real strength of the AIS is in the desire to be together, sharing the common passion for shogi.