The 14th Ginkammuri Online Rapid Shogi tournament, held on the platform of 81 Dojo and excellently organised by the Ginkammuri shogi club, based in Minsk (Belarus), ended on Sunday 23 January.

The 14th Ginkammuri online tournament was divided into 6 rounds, played between Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 January, in which 26 players representing 8 countries competed: Belarus, Bulgaria, Colombia, Italy, Poland, Russia, USA and Ukraine.

The tournament ended with the awarding of the player Titov Denis (on 81Dojo: Barselona15), 3rd Dan from Moscow. Second place went to Traul’ko Dmitry (on 81Dojo: traulko) 3rd Dan from Minsk, while third place went to Artenyan Andranik (on 81Dojo: art96), 3rd Dan from Moscow.

The large number of participants in the tournament, as well as the passion shown by the players, show how widespread and alive shogi is in the Old Continent.