Cari amici Shoghisti AIS, la fase finale dell’International Shogi Forum si terrà quest’anno online il 16 ottobre su 81dojo.

Gli organizzatori hanno predisposto un evento collaterale alla manifestazione: la possibilità di giocare con un professionista una partita even o (su richiesta) con handicap (il classico teaching game). Per chi fosse interessato, segua le indicazioni sotto riportate. Non perdete questa succulenta occasione di giocare con un pro!

Dear Shogi players overseas

We are the online teaching game staff of the International Shogi Festival


In conjunction with the International Shogi Festival, there will be an

online teaching game for overseas Shogi players on October 16.

We are now accepting applications.

Please inform Shogi players around you. If there are too many applicants, a

lottery will be held.

Please note that the registration forms for the tournament players(already

noticed) and the general public are different.

Date: October 16, 2021 JST 9:00~19:30

Content: Online Teaching Games by Professionals

               Participation is free of charge.

May participate only once and up to one hour per person.

Conditions: Possible to communicate in Japanese or English

                                  to operate Zoom and 81 dojo

Please answer the following application form. The deadline: October 5.

If you can’t answer the form, please reply to this email by answering the

requirements below.


・Account ID of 81 Dojo

・Please select your request (your handicap).

  平手 even

  香落ち without 2 kyous

  角落ち without the kaku

  飛車落ち without the hisha

  飛車香落ち without a hisha,2 kyoushas

  二枚落ち without a hisha,a kaku

  四枚落ち without a hisha,a kaku,2 kyoushas

  六枚落ち without a hisha,a kaku,2 kyoushas,2 keimas

・ Please select your top second choices of time.









First choice⇒

Second choice⇒

Thank you for your understandings,

The staff of the International Shogi Festival