Hi, my name is Marika, I work in Tokyo and I like to play Shogi. It’s getting colder in Tokyo at the moment and the leaves have started to turn autumn colours. I imagine that this is also the case in Italy, isn’t it? Today I will accompany you to the Kansai Shogi Hall in Osaka. Follow me!



This is my first post and I would like to introduce the Kansai Shogi Hall in Osaka and a very special dish: the “Shogi Meshi”.

You should know that from November 2021 there will be two Shogi Kaikan, one in Tokyo and one in Osaka. The Kansai Shogi Kaikan is a 3-minute walk from Fukushima Station, Osaka’s first station.



On the ground floor of the building there is a restaurant and a shop, on the first floor there is a dojo, on the second floor there are offices, the third floor contains a multi-purpose hall and the fourth floor houses the hall where professional players play.

When I visited the building for you a few days ago, unfortunately the dojo on the first floor was closed, so I will start by introducing you to the “Eleven” restaurant on the ground floor.

“Eleven” is famous among fans for the “Shogi-meshi”, a dish that is ordered by the pros when matches are held at the Kansai Shogi Hall.




I also recommend trying the ‘Chintonshian’: just think that Fujii San-crown, who is vying for the highest title in Shogi, the ‘Ryu-o’, has often ordered this dish in his past matches.


Chin Pork Beauty’ is a fine dish of pork in tempura. The tempura and the sweet-and-sour sauce are a perfect match for the umami of the pork.

At the restaurant, you can also try other delicious dishes such as butter rice, beef stew and tonkatsu. In short, if you have the chance to visit Kansai Shogi Hall, stop by and sample the dishes at ‘Eleven’.

Another restaurant that serves ‘Shogi-meshi’ is “Uchiyamada”, which is about a 10-minute walk from Kansai Shogi Hall.

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“Uchiyamada” is an excellent eatery, but located in a place that is difficult to find and at first glance looks like a car park of a building. If you go there, be careful not to get lost!

Uchiyamada is also a restaurant where professional shogi players order their meals during matches. Personally, I would recommend you to try the premium Wagyu hamburger steak.




As you can tell from the picture, the hamburger steak is delicious and succulent. The meat is spiced with a sauce made by the restaurant and is very tasty. You can enjoy not only great food but also a wide variety of drinks, which will certainly satisfy the Italian palate.

In short, if you come to Kansai Shogi Hall, we highly recommend these two stops: Eleven and Uchiyamada.

The Kansai Shogi Hall I mentioned will be moved to the city of Takatsuki in Osaka Prefecture in 2023. I can’t wait to visit the new Shogi Hall!

In my next article, I will give you information about Sendagaya, where the Tokyo Shogi Hall is located.

That’s all for now from Tokyo. Your comments will be very welcome.